Saturday, March 24, 2012

VW Up on Geneva Autoshow 2012

Geneva Autoshow brought information New Small Family is extended with 5 doors models. Sales will start in the beginning of March on german car market.

The rest of VW dealers will start with 5 door version sell in May. Future owners of 5 door version have to spend about 500 euro more against 3 door version. Both models are identical in interior and exterior dimensions. The second line of seats is 72mm higher to front seats. Front doors size is shorten but offers wide angle of opening and comfortable boarding. 5 doors versions are about re-use of car engines with 44kW and 50kW ouput. Additional details about 5 door VW Up version you can find here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Detailed comparison VW UP editions - Take Up! Move Up! and High Up!

Last year in August we have announced 3 packets of Up!

Quick legend for comparison table:
Y  means item is included in packet
-  means that item in not available for that packet
£0 item is exchangeable for another for zero price
£NN item is available for extra costs

Friday, March 2, 2012

Up! with Panoramic window and Leatherette pack

We already announced BLUEMOTION Up! One more new. VW Up! could be ordered with 2 special elements:

  • electric controlled panoramic window
  • leatherette pack
Leatherette pack includes leather wheel, sewn shifter with leather, heated front seats in leather look with white stitches.

Panoramic window will cost about 880 Euro, and leather pack Leatherette about 760Euro only with move up! edition.

Saving technology BLUEMOTION with VW Up

Since Feb 2012 Wolfsburg car producer Volkswagen announced new engine options for Up! The list of engine will be expanded with 2 ecologic engines BLUEMOTION.

Both saving engines 1,0 l (44 kW / 60 k a 55 kW / k) of Volkswagen up! BlueMotion got technology for saving gas BLUEMOTION and saves life environment. BLUEMOTION on UP! includes Start-Stop system, braking energy recuperation and ground clearance is in 15mm less then regular model of UP! These 3 points help to consuption about 4,2 l/100km with 55kw engine and only 4,1 l / 100km with 44kw engine. Volume of CO2 in ouput gases in about 96g.

In a nutshell BLUEMOTION Technology bring 0.5l gas save on 100km ride.