Thursday, March 31, 2011

Video of Volkswagen up! concept

This concept in current video was showed allready in 2007 on IAA Frankfurt.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VW will produce Up model with consumption 2.5L

VW has likely plans produce extremely saving version of city mini Up. It will be used technology from XL1 concept announced last month on autoshow in Quatar.

This new should be introduced as Volkswagen Up e-Motion. In a compact body this model from VW will have consumption about 2.5L per 100km. Small Up will have engine from concept XL1.

Under the hood will come diesel 2 cylinder TDI engine with 0.8L volume with combination on an electric engine. Combustion aggregate has 35kW (47 HP) power and torque 120 Nm. Electric engine based on compact Lithium-Ion  accumulators supplies 20kW (27 HP) and 100 Nm. Up E-Motion should arrive with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic DSG transmission.

Hybrid Up offers option to drive only on electric power. Electric engine will help with acceleration. The consumption will be limited on aerodynamics, bodywork and weight. XL1 consumption is less then 1L/100km, Up will have about 2.5L/100km, but it is nice result as well.

These news are still not official, Up Blue e-Motion will start to sell in 2015.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volkswagen Slovakia in competition for electro car E-Up! production

Volkswagen Slovakia has applied for production of electric car-Up E!, which will be the first workshop of the largest German carmaker. Electric should reach the market as early as 2013. "Slovakia is still in the game, placed to be. But we are not yet ready to publish our decision, "said the newspaper's economic production Volkswagen boss Michael Macht.

Concern has entrusted the Bratislava plant while producing a new range of family cars New Small Family, wants invests more then 1billion euro  in next five years in Slovakia. "The fact that there are already producing Up!, what means a need for technology. It gives the sense that here E-ups! come to Bratislava plant. On the other hand, we must also consider what number of cars would be produced here, and also important is how we would support for electric cars could be expected from the Slovakian " he told the newspaper Economic Macht. According to him, not only on support for consumers to buy a car, but also for producers, such as tax breaks.

Volkswagen Slovakia officially announced a new lineup Up! early June before last year. Investment worth 308 million. EUR create Bratislava plant directly in the car about 1 500 new jobs. The first three-and five-door vehicles to be manufactured under the brands Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda, leave the car in 2011. Full production capacity is planned in the coming year. Overall, production of Volkswagen Slovakia should increase to 400 thousand. cars per year.

Volkswagen operates in Slovakia through its subsidiary, Volkswagen Slovakia.Before last year ended its management of 57 million profit. euros. Turnover reached 2.94 billion car. euros. In Bratislava plant produces Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne body and gearbox. In Martin, the plant to produce components and Manchester are preparing cars for export to Russia.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Elektro Vw Up

We have new informations direct from Volkswagen - from Manager of Electric Traction in VW - Rudolf Krebs. Volkswagen will bring in det middle of 2013 Volkswagen Up! blue-e-motion based on New Small Family concept car. In short time will come VW Golf blue e motion as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

VW Ups did not come to Geneva Auto Show

The long awaited unveiling of a small family car Volkswagen Up! is in Geneva fails. "Stillnot the right time to show" answered Vollkswagen officials persons to journalist's questions, why ups are missing. According to the latest plans the first Volkswagens Up! should be to watch on the roads by the middle of this yearInitial plans have already talked about in January 2011. The new model small car  of the German carmaker Daimler -  Smart For2 - took attention of visitors of the Geneva Motor Show already during the first day of his 81st year. Smart showed a slight advance of the new concept of electric SmartForSpeed.