Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VW will produce Up model with consumption 2.5L

VW has likely plans produce extremely saving version of city mini Up. It will be used technology from XL1 concept announced last month on autoshow in Quatar.

This new should be introduced as Volkswagen Up e-Motion. In a compact body this model from VW will have consumption about 2.5L per 100km. Small Up will have engine from concept XL1.

Under the hood will come diesel 2 cylinder TDI engine with 0.8L volume with combination on an electric engine. Combustion aggregate has 35kW (47 HP) power and torque 120 Nm. Electric engine based on compact Lithium-Ion  accumulators supplies 20kW (27 HP) and 100 Nm. Up E-Motion should arrive with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic DSG transmission.

Hybrid Up offers option to drive only on electric power. Electric engine will help with acceleration. The consumption will be limited on aerodynamics, bodywork and weight. XL1 consumption is less then 1L/100km, Up will have about 2.5L/100km, but it is nice result as well.

These news are still not official, Up Blue e-Motion will start to sell in 2015.

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