Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seat Mii - the third of NSF

We know the name of new small Skoda only two days. And today we likely know the name of 3rd member of New Small Family of Volkswagen. It should be Seat Mii.

The differences are again in small details. Seat Mii will have more sharpen front lights against Skoda Citigo and dark grill ala Seat, bigger than on Up! and smaller to Citigo.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The twin of Vw Up is Skoda Citigo

On 27th Sept 2011 Skoda introduced new model with name Skoda Citigo. Citigo would be in sale in November 2011, first for buyers in Czech Republic.

Skoda Citigo comes as a new member of the smallest VW's model line called New Small Family. The first one is Volkswagen Up! introduced on IAA Frakfurt 2011. Skoda Citigo got the 2nd number and the 3rd will be some Seat model with unknown name till these days.

Common construction of new small family (NSF) determinates the basic proportions for the concern triplets. Top designer of Skoda Jozef Kaban changed some details of Citigo. The main difference to Up! is the boot door. In Skoda model this part is not whole from glass. Citigo is 3.56m long, 1.65m wide and 1.48 tall. In spite of small dimensions the car offers the boot with space of 251 liters. If you will not use rear seats space will grow up to 951liters.

Cheap model Citigo thinks seriously about safety. According to Skoda speech man in this NFS model was side airbags Head-thorax used. These care about safety of front and back passengers as well. The basic  packet should have braking system City Safe Drive. We already introduced this system in information about VW Up! packets.

The same thing like in VW Up! Skoda Citigo in the first production months will be offered with 1l 3 cylinders gas engine.  Engine will have too outputs 44kW or 55kW. At disposal will be green line model with 4.2l/100km gas consumption.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Frankfurt Motor Show 2011: Volkswagen UP

via: autotraderuk

IAA Frankfurt 2011 and VW Up

Do you want try and sit into Bentley, Porsche, Bentley on IAA 2011? No problem. You will be in troubles if you are looking forward to try Volkswagen Up! No car took so big attention as the newcomer from VW under 10000 Euro.

The first impression is good - Up! looks simply easy. The designers Walter de Silva a Klaus Bischof just made bodyshell with few moves from a block. The priority was an interior space and aerodynamics with coefficient 0.32. But the space on rear seats  is not enough for 180cm tall person behind the same tall driver. Nothing surprising in this category level. Even VW is not a magic man.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Short ride od VW Up

We found video on Youtube with few second ride of VWUP. It was captured on event when prime minister of Slovakia welcomed vw up production in his country. In the first 20 seconds video shortly shows real prototype of Up!

9500 Euro for base model of VW Up

Few days ago we announced available packets of VW Up!. Starting price of "take up!" packet is about 9500 €. We think price is adequate when the VW Up will have overall good assembling concern quality.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

VW up! in three packets

The starting edition of Up! will be named "take up!". More comfortable will be middle edition "move up!". Highest version is "high up!" It is small difference against regular packets on e.g. VW Passat with versions like: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline.

None of these packets will  include the new  „City Emergency Braking System“ . This will prevent collision in speeds till 30km/h. The braking system is based on prevention of potential collisions and automatic braking. But for extra money.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Volkswagen Up! internet premiere next Sunday

The first representative of urban mini car New Small Family (NSF) - Volkswagen Up will be introduced next Sunday 21.8.2011 at 8:00.

On the official website of the upcoming Volkswagen Up mini car appeared online countdown to the premiere of this car. Serial minicar will be presented on the Internet on Sunday 21st August 2011.

Three-door VW Up will be unveiled in late August in Wolfsburg to Journalists. Public will enjoy up  this year at Frankfurt Motor Show. Related Skoda City model is likely to present in a short time after Volkswagen. In the spring 2012 will be present a five-door model - about 10 centimeters longer version.

VW premiere should originally launched on 22nd August 2011 at a special dinner in a Paris car.  During the summer  this action withdrew.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What about Audi and New Small Family?

Audi, one of the brand of VW concern, is pretty quite with news about own model from New Small Family(NFS). Our knowledge about NFS is wide. Audi never said about his model belonging to this city car concept. Even in recent months Audi introduced A1. A1 is small car model, but very over-dimensioned against VW up!

Today we collect sketch photo of unkown model from Audi. What do you think? Will this model be a audi's contribution to new small family?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Official VW up video teaser

Volkswagen up! ad - "Something small is coming up!"

Isn't it the small moments that make us happy? That can make an orinary day great? That make us feel like we're floating? In September 2011, the time has come. The up! is on its way.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sibling of VW UP from SKODA

Debuting four-seater model VW Up! brings questions to his concern brothers from Skoda and Seat brand. We got some news from Skoda. It is expected that the newname for the newcomer based on new small family platform will be the name of the original concept Urban Car presented 2006 marked as Joyster. Skoda Joyster will compete for models like the Peugeot 107 and Toyota iQ.

The advantage of the VW Group is to allow other brands such as Skoda and SEAT - as well as a new partner Suzuki to build variants of the vehicle for markets worldwide. Details of the engines are not sure, but it is likely skoda will use in Joyster 1.2-liter diesel and 1.0-liter petrol engine. Engine power of Skoda Joyster will live and also its importance will focus on low emissions and the 80g/km for diesel and less than 100g/km for petrol engines.

Skoda cheapest price is set at € 9000 and as at VW, electric version will follow.

VW is hiring for VW Up! production

According to press conference VW plant in Bratislava will hire these days 1500 new employees. This staff is directly connected with Up! production. Another thousand will hire subcontractors of VW Up! model.

Volkswagen operates in Slovakia 20 years, since 1991, he has produced more than 2.5 million vehicles. VW belongs to one of the largest exporters, investors and private employers in Slovakia. At the plant in Bratislava manufactures VolkswagenTouareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne chassis and transmission components. In a city of Martin produces chassis and gearbox and in Kosice prepares vehicles for export to Russia.

In 2010 were produced more than 144,500 vehicles in Slovakia and 379 thousands transmissions and 31.5 million of components. Turnover exceeded € 4 billion. More than 99% of the production of VW is for export from Slovakia.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Detailed schedule of releasing VW Up! models

We introducing new detailed schedule for production of VW Up! mini car.  Of course it won't be one model and one brand. Up! concept will be produced under VW, Skoda, Seat brands and in different version.  Just look at detailed schedule:
22. august 2011 -   world premiere in Paris
september 2011  -   autoshow  in Frankfurt am Main
end of  2011    - first 3 door hatchback from line
end of 2012     - 5 door hatchback
early 2013      - first MPV UP models and electic models 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The VW Up! will be showed soon - in August

Volkswagen announced today  the premiere date of one of the most anticipated brand in recent years.

For the world premiere of the Volkswagen UP!   was chosen no auto show. Small vw up! attract enough attention anyways. The audience will see up! on 22nd August in Paris Grand Palais on the Champs-Elysees for the first time . Premiere starts at 20:00 and Volkswagen promises audiences an unforgettable experience.

About the smallest from VW family state new portals many times in recent years. It should be a spiritual successor to the Lupo, which started production in 2005. Volkswagen Lupo is offered in one version of the bodywork, but VW up! wants to reach a wider audience with multiple versions. E.g. about the hatchback or mini MPV. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Preparation for production od VW Up! in VW Bratislava plant

Volkswagen Bratislava plant will start from 20 July the preparation of a new model family car Up!. For this event is announced two week summer vacation.
"As the first  is to build new, environmentally superior paint shop,"  said in an interview for Czech television  Board Member  Bohdan Wojnar. 

The investment costs, which should represent more than 300 million euros, will not participate in parent group, but only the Slovak plant. "How much will be of our resources and how mch to cover form  loan will be specified later." Wojnar said. He added that VW Slovakia is in good financial position and will have no problem with financing. 

Volkswagen Slovakia officially announced a new lineup of family cars in early June.The investment will create  in Bratislava about 1 500 new jobs. The first three-and five-door vehicles to be manufactured under the brands Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda has left the plant probably in autumn this year. Full production capacity is planned in the coming year. Overall, the production of VW Slovakia should increase to 400 thousand. cars per year. Slovak government in December 2008 approved the investment project on incentives such as tax breaks of more than 14 million. euros.
Volkswagen operates in Slovakia through its subsidiary, Volkswagen Slovakia, which is manufacturing and assembly businesses. In Bratislava, currently produced VW Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne vehicle part and the Skoda Octavia, Martin has a production plant for gearboxes and components for transmissions and Manchester are preparing cars for export to Russia. The company achieved in 2008 sales 5.178 billion. euros. Last year at the plant in Bratislava, produced 188 thousand. vehicles.

Details about Skoda's city car

Skoda Up model will come early in 2012. The differences between Seat and VW and Skoda Up models will be more visible then in PSA Group. The design is similar to the Skoda Vision concept (checkout out detailed article about Skoda Vision D from Geneva autoshow).

According to information of management of Skoda - this model will be simple, very functionally but no so extra featured like others small cars.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

VW will produce Up model with consumption 2.5L

VW has likely plans produce extremely saving version of city mini Up. It will be used technology from XL1 concept announced last month on autoshow in Quatar.

This new should be introduced as Volkswagen Up e-Motion. In a compact body this model from VW will have consumption about 2.5L per 100km. Small Up will have engine from concept XL1.

Under the hood will come diesel 2 cylinder TDI engine with 0.8L volume with combination on an electric engine. Combustion aggregate has 35kW (47 HP) power and torque 120 Nm. Electric engine based on compact Lithium-Ion  accumulators supplies 20kW (27 HP) and 100 Nm. Up E-Motion should arrive with seven-speed dual-clutch automatic DSG transmission.

Hybrid Up offers option to drive only on electric power. Electric engine will help with acceleration. The consumption will be limited on aerodynamics, bodywork and weight. XL1 consumption is less then 1L/100km, Up will have about 2.5L/100km, but it is nice result as well.

These news are still not official, Up Blue e-Motion will start to sell in 2015.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Volkswagen Slovakia in competition for electro car E-Up! production

Volkswagen Slovakia has applied for production of electric car-Up E!, which will be the first workshop of the largest German carmaker. Electric should reach the market as early as 2013. "Slovakia is still in the game, placed to be. But we are not yet ready to publish our decision, "said the newspaper's economic production Volkswagen boss Michael Macht.

Concern has entrusted the Bratislava plant while producing a new range of family cars New Small Family, wants invests more then 1billion euro  in next five years in Slovakia. "The fact that there are already producing Up!, what means a need for technology. It gives the sense that here E-ups! come to Bratislava plant. On the other hand, we must also consider what number of cars would be produced here, and also important is how we would support for electric cars could be expected from the Slovakian " he told the newspaper Economic Macht. According to him, not only on support for consumers to buy a car, but also for producers, such as tax breaks.

Volkswagen Slovakia officially announced a new lineup Up! early June before last year. Investment worth 308 million. EUR create Bratislava plant directly in the car about 1 500 new jobs. The first three-and five-door vehicles to be manufactured under the brands Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda, leave the car in 2011. Full production capacity is planned in the coming year. Overall, production of Volkswagen Slovakia should increase to 400 thousand. cars per year.

Volkswagen operates in Slovakia through its subsidiary, Volkswagen Slovakia.Before last year ended its management of 57 million profit. euros. Turnover reached 2.94 billion car. euros. In Bratislava plant produces Volkswagen Touareg, Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne body and gearbox. In Martin, the plant to produce components and Manchester are preparing cars for export to Russia.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Elektro Vw Up

We have new informations direct from Volkswagen - from Manager of Electric Traction in VW - Rudolf Krebs. Volkswagen will bring in det middle of 2013 Volkswagen Up! blue-e-motion based on New Small Family concept car. In short time will come VW Golf blue e motion as well.

Friday, March 4, 2011

VW Ups did not come to Geneva Auto Show

The long awaited unveiling of a small family car Volkswagen Up! is in Geneva fails. "Stillnot the right time to show" answered Vollkswagen officials persons to journalist's questions, why ups are missing. According to the latest plans the first Volkswagens Up! should be to watch on the roads by the middle of this yearInitial plans have already talked about in January 2011. The new model small car  of the German carmaker Daimler -  Smart For2 - took attention of visitors of the Geneva Motor Show already during the first day of his 81st year. Smart showed a slight advance of the new concept of electric SmartForSpeed.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Official announcement of Skoda logo

We allready menioted in first post Skoda will have new logo. Our pictures were not very far of official pictures of  new logo.

We showed theese logos:

But theese logos are official:

They are more cute. New Skoda New Small Family will have the silver one on the hood. New cars will have it in next year. Green one will be used on auto show rooms and in marketing materials. The first show room with new skoda logo will be in Zurich, Switzerland. 

The goal for new Skoda logo was to be more fresh, which should help on overseas markets.

VW Up Lite with a two-cylinder TDI and small electric motor and fuel consumption by 2.5 liters

Hybrid study on the technical basis of New Small Family presented in Los Angeles in 12/2009.

Study built on a hybrid mini-series based on technical New Small Family (production is prepared in Bratislava) presented automaker Volkswagen on auto show in Los Angeles at end of the year 2009.

Car created  as the economic and ecological ride primarily for work is 3.84 meters long and only 1.4 meters high. It has a three-door hatchback body type, rich in aluminum and lightweight carbon composites. In its proposal, care was taken not only to the minimum curb weight (only 695 kg). Coefficient cx 0.24 indicative of its excellent aerodynamic characteristics. In the wind tunnel are strict requirements probably exterior mirrors, and their designers just struck and replaced by miniature cameras. Ramjet cooling again received special valves that direct the air to the radiator, only when necessary.

The practical interior is one of the four-digit trunk with a base capacity of 217 liters. That, however, at the expense of the rear seats folded flat increases to a maximum of 847 liters.

Core function of the powertrain, the new 0.8-liter twin-cylinder turbodiesel (38 kW/52 k) with the assistance of a small electric motor (10 kW/14 k). This system coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission can be short (at full acceleration) to provoke maximum power of 48 kW (65 hp). Otherwise, the electric motor is designed to reduce the burden on TDI and braking and forced idling recovered in a regenerative energy.

Drive can withstand a full hybrid epithet. Up Lite is able to run solely on electric power - in zero-emission mode. Declared range of the two kilometers of course depends on the current state of battery. Your bit for saving drive system contributes Start-Stop. Diesel engine off during stops only, but in each mode when not in motion.

Mini Hybrid accelerates from zero to one hundred in 12.5 seconds and reaches a maximum 160 km / h. Remarkable is the average consumption of 2.44 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. With such an appalling appetite could get by with a little - dvadsaťlitrovou tank. To populate it with a pass 820 km.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evolutionary version of the mini MPV

In the last two years Volkswagen has also present an evolutionary version of the MPV mini like urban mini taxi for London, Berlin or Milan.

Technically sophisticated studies are fascinating, but the real car must be redeemable. Volkswagen - as a manufacturer super saving but expensive models Lupo and Audi A2 - knows how do this city MPV successful.

Probably micro MPV will come in 2013.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The names for models of New Small Family

From official source we can guess model names of New Small Family concept for two brands - Volkswagen and Skoda.

The data in publicly available databases  - the Industrial Property Office (IPO) - can show the name of the mini-future Skoda. The names have recently registered a probably new name will be something from the following palette: Go Town, Taun, sensitive or Citigo Joystar. Excluded, however, is neither a return to old name.

For Volkswagen, the situation is much simpler. In trials Up! almost certainly develop a second generation of Zoom.

About the names for Audi and Seat mini car models we  have no informations.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VW UP and new small family - everything we know

We publish everything we know about New Small Family car.

These days VW plant in Bratislava is finishing preparations for the start of production of small rovers popular brands SEAT, Skoda and VW.

Volkswagen Group in 2018, wants to acquire a leading position in the global automotive industry and ahead of the Toyota - the current number one. To target to be leader in automotive can not be achieved without the smallest category segment. This small family should be expand the sell of cars in several hundreds thousand yearly.

Ever since the ambitious plan came to Wolfsburg in the table, it was clear that without the smallest car category that will not work. Instead of just focusing on the family created the lowest cost mini cars, that might not be the cheapest on the market but their price tag should be tempting enough to make the segment dominated by Asian, Italian and French brands to be able to sell several hundred thousand cars a year.

The first prize has to start well below the 8000€. The high standard of safety equipment will be commonplace, many aspects comfortable equipment will be available only at extra cost. So new small family is not focused to cheapest segment where Asian, Itial and French brands dominating. New small family will bring a bit more for a bit more money. 

The Year 2007 brought first Up! concepts. In September 2007, the IAA in Frankfurt, opened a chapter of popular modern Volkswagen. The premiere was here three-door vw up with a boxer engine installed in the rear and powered the rear axle. 3.45 m long, 1.63 m wide and 1.5 m tall truck was on a long wheelbase of only 2,19 m.
Shortly afterwards, in the same year, introduced in Tokyo extended five-door version of the VW Space Up, Which was 23 cm longer than the Up! yet it is the smallest length of the contemporary Volkswagen Fox missing 15 numbers.

In Los Angeles in 2007, showed electric version of the same car under the name Space Vw Up Blue.

After about a two-year break, the start time approached and the concept of mass production came to the next evolutionary stage, very close to final form. In Frankfurt, 2009, Volkswagen introduced the first e-Up!. At first glance, it in turn has changed so much, but really dug the whole project, Volkswagen and all the pre-prepared form. The car now had all the conventional arrangement of front and cost reasons, abandoned the idea of sounding nostalgic return to the popular flat carts with engines in the rear.

E-equipped Volkswagen Up! motor with 40 kW continuous power and peak even 60 kW, which is the 1085 kg heavy car excellent value, backed by the ideal curve with a maximum torque of 210 Nm. Standard acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h according to VW took 11.3 seconds, flexible acceleration from 30 to 50 km / h in just 3.5 seconds, top speed was 135 km / h.

Powertrain drew energy from lithium batteries (18 kWh, 240 kg) stored in the floor - part of the safety body shell. The electric motor was together with several other auxiliary devices integrated into one structural unit (140 kg) and placed at the front, along with the gearbox, differential and electrical components of the system.

Wheelbase 2.190 mm, although changed, but the total length was significantly reduced. The outer dimensions of 3.199 x 1.641 x 1.468 mm would belong to the smallest of today's automotive market in Europe.

Internally, within the Volkswagen Group, the smallest model in the car says New Small Family, which some media incorrectly translate as a new small family model. Volkswagen will produce just four very similar model range with the logos of Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen.

The production model will become the generous wheelbase of 2.45 meters, the small car group Volkswagen (Polo, Fabia, Ibiza, A1) to him and in this respect will miss almost nothing. Length eventually reaches 3.45 meters, width of 1.63 mA height of 1.5 m. The mass of the basic version would be held to around 800 kg.

In the first stage in the sale, the VW Group's focus on the hatchbacks. First, will offer only three-door model (since autumn 2011), in 2012, the market gets a five-door model. Probably micro MPV subsequent extensions in 2013. In the same year when it launches electric versions of Volkswagen and Audi. Mini cars with an internal designation of the New Small Family (NSF) will make it this summer, probably in August. Production of the smallest cars with SEAT and Skoda booted two months later, in October 2011.

The drive will initially provide two three-cylinder: a new 1.0 l petrol engine (44 kW) and diesel 1.2 TDI (55 kW). As a top design was later presented three-cylinder 1.0 TFSI engine (63 kW). Four-cylinder 1.2 TSI, the NSF was to come, we will not see it earlier than in 2012. On the contrary, further reducing the number of cylinders from three to two is not likely at this time.

The home will be Volkswagen's Bratislava plant, but the syndicate strategy in-house competition to attribute the production of components and other production units in Europe. Czech Republic, respectively. Mlada Boleslav business from which eventually came only with a contract for the supply of gearboxes MQ100.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Real protoype of Skoda New Small Family

This is likely new Skoda New Small Family - based on VW Up concept. It is small for city use. This car should bring Skoda production to double in 7 years. The VW concern will be than the biggest car maker in the world.

The first cars will come from Bratislava plant of Volkswagen Group in middle of 2011. Next years 2012 is excepting production of about 400 thousands new small family cars per yeras. This factory will make Skoda, VW, Seat type of New Small Family concept.

The official informations will be announced of Geneva autoshow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spy photos of Skoda New Family

These spy picture of new Skoda New Small Family were taken last autumn in 2010. Hard to see details, but front mask looks like regular Skoda mask.


New logo for Skoda car of New Small Family

Skoda car introduced the his first model of VW Up concept. Just for dealers. And likely new Skoda NSF car will have new logo. The chromed one like on picture bellow. The green one will be used on auto shows buildings and marketing materials. More information will come evening before Geneva autoshow. It means 2.3.2011