Monday, February 28, 2011

VW Up Lite with a two-cylinder TDI and small electric motor and fuel consumption by 2.5 liters

Hybrid study on the technical basis of New Small Family presented in Los Angeles in 12/2009.

Study built on a hybrid mini-series based on technical New Small Family (production is prepared in Bratislava) presented automaker Volkswagen on auto show in Los Angeles at end of the year 2009.

Car created  as the economic and ecological ride primarily for work is 3.84 meters long and only 1.4 meters high. It has a three-door hatchback body type, rich in aluminum and lightweight carbon composites. In its proposal, care was taken not only to the minimum curb weight (only 695 kg). Coefficient cx 0.24 indicative of its excellent aerodynamic characteristics. In the wind tunnel are strict requirements probably exterior mirrors, and their designers just struck and replaced by miniature cameras. Ramjet cooling again received special valves that direct the air to the radiator, only when necessary.

The practical interior is one of the four-digit trunk with a base capacity of 217 liters. That, however, at the expense of the rear seats folded flat increases to a maximum of 847 liters.

Core function of the powertrain, the new 0.8-liter twin-cylinder turbodiesel (38 kW/52 k) with the assistance of a small electric motor (10 kW/14 k). This system coupled with a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission can be short (at full acceleration) to provoke maximum power of 48 kW (65 hp). Otherwise, the electric motor is designed to reduce the burden on TDI and braking and forced idling recovered in a regenerative energy.

Drive can withstand a full hybrid epithet. Up Lite is able to run solely on electric power - in zero-emission mode. Declared range of the two kilometers of course depends on the current state of battery. Your bit for saving drive system contributes Start-Stop. Diesel engine off during stops only, but in each mode when not in motion.

Mini Hybrid accelerates from zero to one hundred in 12.5 seconds and reaches a maximum 160 km / h. Remarkable is the average consumption of 2.44 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. With such an appalling appetite could get by with a little - dvadsaƄlitrovou tank. To populate it with a pass 820 km.

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