Monday, January 23, 2012

VW showed 5 door vesion of UP

VW show new 5 door version of his new model VW UP! this Monday. This vehicle is based on 3door version, with almost identical parts as Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii.

Starting March 2012 Volkswagen will offer more comfortable bodyshell . The front doors will be a little bit shorter and one big change will be on back doors, these will have only tilting glasses.
Trunk with basic space of 252l can be expanded to 951l when shutting down back seats. It is likely that all three sizes will be same as 3 door model - length 354cm, width 364cm, height 148cm. The 3 cylinder engines  with 1000cm3  output 44kw al. 55kw.

Sell start out of Germany is scheduled starting June 2006. The basic price is estimated less than 8000 euro. We are looking forward to 5 doors version of Citigo and Mii.

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