Sunday, July 15, 2012

Geneva Autoshow announced 4 variants of VW Up

Geneva 2012 study presents a new quartet VW Up. Swiss colors as vehicle shipping, car for pizza delivery or ski trip.

German giant car maker Volkswagen in Geneva continues to campaign to support the model Up!. The small hatchback has revealed in the serial version with three and five doors, at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year has also shown up to six different concepts. To these we now add four more names to the Swiss Up!, Winter Up!, X Up! and Cargo Up!

Swiss VW Up! based on the five-door versions and bears the sign located host exhibitions. Exterior covers Tornado Red color red, by white accents on the wheels and mirrors. The combinations of colors symbolize the Swiss flag. Is also tuned the interior, the seats were fixtures on the famous Swiss army knife.

Model Winter Up! study is an extension of the Frankfurt Cross Up!, presented in a peasant's shoes outdoor style with increased protective gear and plastic components. Winter edition of Up! is white with blue paint by Parts. On the roof of the integrated rack which holds four snowboards or six pairs of skis.

In a similar coat is made and X concept Up!, Presented as an expeditionary vehicle. The diminutive "allroad" has a strong orange paint, which contrasts with the white elements. The roof is a large storage box with lights built by researchers with high performance.

Study X Up! a powerful model in the roof lights

The last study is Cargo Up!, Which represents the commercial side of triplets and by Volkswagen would be an ideal example. the pizza delivery. Cargo Up! based on the three-door model, but has only two seats. Rear cargo space is created with a pair of boxes in the floor. The external environment is separate sheets instead of windows.

Cargo Up! is the perfect vehicle for example, pizza delivery

About Cargo Up! manufacturer also revealed further details. Under the bonnet is a known three-cylinder tuned to output 44 kW (60 hp). The concept reaches a speed of 160 km / h and average consumption of 4.5 l/100 km. At present it is possible that utility tuned version of the tiny Up! it gets later into production

We can say it is kind of VW UP tunning direct from VW manufacturer.

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