Monday, April 1, 2013

Seat Mii and lack of informations

Seat Mii is third in order of car model in the new small family of Volkswagen Group. Mii was in sale first in home country of SEAT - in Spain. Starting of sale only in Spain causes almost zero market share in Europe. Besides this in Spain rests financial crisis and the sale of Seat Mii is not so big as expected.

According to car sales in 2012 Seat Mii has landed as number 149 in sales amount (in year 2011 got number 294). We have to mention that  for Seat Mii and its brothers VW Up! and Skoda Citigo that was first full year in the market. The best position has VW Up! on #31, Citigo was near Seat Mii but better on number #122.


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  1. It’s so nice that the pictures here are preserved enough so that the new generation of car lovers can see the hottest car before. I know there are fewer units of these cars nowadays.

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