Sunday, April 7, 2013

VW is starting offensive with CNG city cars

Car maker VW has experiences with CNG power supply over 20 years. But the share of CNG engines is not so wide, VW has got big expectations with new small model which belongs to new small family Eco UP! Buyers of Eco Up! will have car with cheap daily costs and ideal car for city traffic.

The popularity of cars with CNG is increasing is Europe from year to year. The reasons are the prices of fuel (diesel, petrol). More constructing exclusive models like CNG car models  have no success on market because of lasting economics crisis  with small demand for new cars and low buying activity. The additional costs for CNG version are quite high and customers choose mostly traditional variant with diesel or petrol.

VW already makes CNG cars two decades, but mostly for high-prices and commercial cars. In the VW offer were CNG models - Passat, Touran and Caddy. Now new VW Eco Up! will be in this group.

With VW Eco Up! there is still the disadvantage of higher buying price. The higher price has very short return time. Five door Eco Up! has the price about 10.800 EUR what is 2.400 more than basic model with 1.0 engine and 44kW output.

The basic 1.0 has about 4.5l/100km consuption, Eco Up! about 2.9kg/100km. It means that  100km with Eco Up! costs only 2.76 EUR vs 6.30 EUR with petrol version. So the owner has the higher buying price returned after about  6800km, what is yearly amount of km for occasional driver. The pizza delivery service will have returned money maybe in the first month.

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