Friday, March 2, 2012

Saving technology BLUEMOTION with VW Up

Since Feb 2012 Wolfsburg car producer Volkswagen announced new engine options for Up! The list of engine will be expanded with 2 ecologic engines BLUEMOTION.

Both saving engines 1,0 l (44 kW / 60 k a 55 kW / k) of Volkswagen up! BlueMotion got technology for saving gas BLUEMOTION and saves life environment. BLUEMOTION on UP! includes Start-Stop system, braking energy recuperation and ground clearance is in 15mm less then regular model of UP! These 3 points help to consuption about 4,2 l/100km with 55kw engine and only 4,1 l / 100km with 44kw engine. Volume of CO2 in ouput gases in about 96g.

In a nutshell BLUEMOTION Technology bring 0.5l gas save on 100km ride.

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