Saturday, March 24, 2012

VW Up on Geneva Autoshow 2012

Geneva Autoshow brought information New Small Family is extended with 5 doors models. Sales will start in the beginning of March on german car market.

The rest of VW dealers will start with 5 door version sell in May. Future owners of 5 door version have to spend about 500 euro more against 3 door version. Both models are identical in interior and exterior dimensions. The second line of seats is 72mm higher to front seats. Front doors size is shorten but offers wide angle of opening and comfortable boarding. 5 doors versions are about re-use of car engines with 44kW and 50kW ouput. Additional details about 5 door VW Up version you can find here.


  1. I want to discuss one more news regarding 2012 Geneva Motor Show as- At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen brought out the newfangled Golf GTI Cabriolet and unleashed a great deal of details but held back the pictures of the car. The company has finally released fresh images of the car and had confirmed that the Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet will be launched in mid-June in Germany and in coming months in other European countries.
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